God Is Within Her, She Will Not Fail!
Dr. La Shawn also works with faith-based organizations and ministries to assist with assessing their organizational structure and provides a foundation to build a structure
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Divine Diva Events

Allow Us to create your dream!
Today, a wedding and event planner is not a luxury but a necessity… “Allow the Wedding & Event Planning DIVA to create your fabulous event. La Shawn is the mastermind and creative director behind 800+ events.
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Fabulous Divas + Gents

Travel is everything and we’re here to service you. Come join us for one of our signature events, or allow La Shawn to plan your next trip.
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The Wonder Woman Conference

Conference Host!
Executive Director of My Sister’s Keeper, Dr. La Shawn hosts the The Wonder Woman Conference. Held annually in early May, inspiring speakers and empowering workshops to help you unlock the tremendous power within you, a power that can transform the world, and you teach you how to execute your purpose and obtain wealth, holistically.
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Dr. La Shawn Denise Witt

Transformational Speaker + Author + Keynote Speaker. Over 40+ years of life experience
The DIVA Herself is a memoir written by Dr. La Shawn. This book chronicles her 40+ years of life and how God came in and saved her from herself. Order your copy today!
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Witt & Associates, LLC

Award-Winning Educational Consultant
Dr. La Shawn is an award-winning educational consultant who targets school districts to provide strategic planning and professional development to schools that experience teacher shortages, teacher retention matters.
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My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper is a women's ministry that has birthed by its Founder, Dr. Witt to uplift and empower women to walk in their God-Given purpose.
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Charity House, LLC

We are dedicated to empowering women in transition, offering them the tools, resources, and unwavering encouragement they need to rebuild their lives.
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